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(tips)    Meet  other Bond fans ! Look under  "links"!!!

  Happy reading in our  magazine !!

.Daniel Graig was  the  last James Bond. Like at every  Bond ( I have seen them all )
 there are some people who can / will   not say goodbye to the former 007. 
For several reasons, which I already heard when former Bonds were introduced. 



               WE  HAVE  SOME  NICE  NEW LINKS ! ! !



(tips)    Meet  other Bond fans ! Look under  "links"!!!


For the Dutch members there are some remarks about the
            DVD version of DAD.   The box 
            includes a second disc with specialities ! 
I am very pleased about the menu on the DVD. Vice nice done and to see the film with so many details is a thrill if you love Bond. I thought I had everything my heart desired, but now my wish is many films of 007 on DVD with all the extra's. It is worth every penny !

My collection of 007 DVD is now completed! In fact, at the moment I am busy putting all my special video documents of the first 007 films on DVD in order not to loose these beautifull shootings ! At last one can see details on a perfect stilled image !

I spend some days on my pc playing  Nightfire. Well, first of all one needs a 1 Meg pentium with a lot of internal memory. And after you spend all your money on the game and pc you need an extra codec. Finally you can play the game. What a dissapointment! It is a very simple game made in a cheap looking way with no details in the pictures. Someone really wanted to earn money quickly here. Save your money for the DVD's, a far better investment !

We also have beautifull links for all purposes !!

 We now have a link to the special website of Dutch ex-Bondgirl  
Daphne Deckers. She has a very nice story to tell about 007, so take a look under  "links".  On her website go to       





TV (tips)   
In the Netherlands there's from time to time a Bond movie on television. 




Club   Magazine no 20 is out . 











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